Hidden treasures, in drying lakes and rivers, and in NYC street cracks
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The drought in California has brought about a number of things, from exposing part of Mormon Island, an old mining town that has partially emerged from Folsom Lake (news coverage clip; aerial view of a re-emerged bridge with overly dramatic music; a tour of the exposed ruins), to being good news for gold prospectors. But if there's too much of a crowd in the Sierra Nevada foothills, you can always dig for gold in New York City (alt: YouTube), in the cracks of Midtown's Diamond District with Raffi Stepanian.
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Raffi's clip is from Penn & Teller Tell A Lie, in which they show six clips claiming to be true stories, but one is a lie. Here's a spoiler for that episode, if you were wondering about if this is true or not.
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The mining for gold on the sidewalks reminds me of all the folks who used to go on the fairgrounds after a carnival would close with their metal detectors and keen eyes for dropped change and bills.
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The drought has done all of the above and it has caused problems, but the past two weeks have been rainy (today downright torrential at times) which means that it's quite possibly going to be an awesome spring for wild mushrooms!

Hey, silver lining, yada yada.
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And here I was looking for crack in the cracks of NYC sidewalks.
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