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The "White City" of Tel Aviv is a World Heritage site with the world's largest collection of Bauhaus ("International Style") buildings. In his blog TLV Buildings Israeli artist Avner Givelter depicts these buildings' facades with local colors and typography in the style of the similarly-charming Windows of New York. [previously]

Stanford University's Eliasaf Robinson collection is a great source of documents relating to Tel Aviv. Here's a link to its collection of digitised photographs of buildings and street scenes. You can read its articles about Tel Aviv's history here. You can find some good contemporary photographs in ArchDaily's City Guide: Tel Aviv.
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The illustrations are gorgeous! And I love the presentation with a ton of colorful background space for each post so much that I'm sorely tempted to shamelessly rip it off the next time I get a wild hair to do a sketch blog.
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Thanks for posting this. My late grandmother used to live in what my father described as a Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv, and while it was much more modest, it certainly bore a resemblance to some of the buildings in the photos here. She lived on Ahad Ha'am, definitely in the Bauhaus district. I can't find it on Google Street View, sadly (wonder if the building's no longer there, or if my memory is wrong about the building number), but seeing those photos makes me miss Israel and want to visit again!
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When I lived in Israel, I spent all my Tel Aviv time on the beach. I can't wait to go back there and actually *be* in the city. Great blog -- I love the nyc one too.
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