I don't want to spend my life just breathing air, and doing nothing.
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"The criminal's daughters" Mementos of childhood, meticulously documented by the secret police of Romania.
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That was a really interesting read, and it makes me appreciate my boring childhood. Thank you.
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Very touching, thank you for posting.
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He protected us by saying nothing to us. But you can only understand this by going into the prison rooms where he suffered. And by standing next to him while he shouts that he has no memory of receiving beatings that fractured his ribs, even though you face him, with the radiography record trembling in your hands. This is the side of heroism no-one likes to talk about, not even him. But it is the face of heroism that now makes me proud.

Really moving article, thanks for the post. I remember watching the Ceausecsus' execution on tv, and all the stories that came out about life in Romania under their regime, particularly the conditions in the orphanages. It takes such bravery to stand up against tyranny and it's always good to be reminded how much we take freedom for granted. I'm glad the family was able to make a new life for themselves.
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Great read. Thank you for sharing this.
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I have a lump in my throat.
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That was amazing, and moving, and terrible.
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