Chuffs and squeaks
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Derek Krahn vines for CARE Texas under the name "Big Cat Derek."

The CARE residents are recovered from the exotic pet trade, retired performers, or acquired from insolvent zoos. Some of the bigger characters of CARE:

Cassie, the master squeaker
Solano, singer of songs
Arctic, the snow leopard who loves watching cartoons
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These are great. I'm going to look into taking the tour of the CARE facility one weekend. It looks like their facility is only an hour or so out of DFW.
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Cassie's totally doing a housecat impression!
posted by Rev. Syung Myung Me at 2:40 PM on April 4, 2014



2. Arctic has good movie taste. I would like to watch movies with a snow leopard, please.
posted by fluffy battle kitten at 2:33 AM on April 5, 2014

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