Goth lolz.
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Psychic Rites. Imagine Joy Division grew up in Moscow, Idaho, a small college town with a surprising connection to the Manchester scene. Imagine that Ian Curtis was exposed to hipster irony and decided he wanted to have a bit of fun with all that doom & gloom. You might have something like this. Or maybe this or this. (No, really.)
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Posts like this make me proud to be from Idaho, the state where you statistically most like to own a motorcycle, ride a horse, or be a millionaire.
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Hey, nice! I like this a lot! Thanks for posting it.
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Also the home town of Josh Ritter.

I love Idaho. Lots of variety in the landscape, and one of the few places in the US I can actually drive to in a day.
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Moscow, pffft. Head south a bit and enjoy some Built to Spill
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Holy shit I know one of the guys holding a cat. Moscow is my home town and I miss it sometimes. The music scene there was surprisingly diverse when I was growing up. Shout out to the Coldlab.
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I'm sorry but the way this FPP was phrased I thought it was about a band called "Imagine Joy Division" that played Joy Division songs in the style of Imagine Dragons, or Imagine Dragons songs in the style of Joy Division, and then I had to go cry softly.
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Psychic Rites has a Facebook, btw. And a Soundcloud page.
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Whoa, crazy seeing Psychic Rites posted up here. My two very good friends remixed their song Elohim, check it out!
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I saw Psychic Rites play not too long ago here in Portland and they were awesome. This style of music is really kicking off right now for some reason.
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