I thought it was amusing that you bought a budgeting app.
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If you're going to read one piece on fictional, passive aggressive banking services make it Kelly Stout's short "Alert!"

Reminiscent of Mallory Ortberg's Texts Messages from a Ghost and The Return of Ghost.
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Man why do I even bank at Aperture Financial?
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This is funny, but it makes me want to mention that You Need A Budget actually does prescriptive money management pretty well. It's sort of like Quicken except it forces you to keep track of your money by making a budget each month. Unfortunately, it has no opinions about my snack food purchases.
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I could actually use a budget app that told me I probably didn't need to get a milkshake. Might be more effective than Weight Watchers...
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That was fun. Thanks.
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If I'm going to read two, which should I read next?
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But...I like rice and sriracha.
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Amusingly, my phone chimed with a mobile banking alert as I was reading this.
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Both my bank's budgeting tools and Mint insist on shaming me instead of, you know, showing me my current status and recent transactions. I can budget with a spreadsheet much better than some bizarre user interfaces that try to read my mind, tyvm.
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That was great, thanks for posting!
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That was really funny, thanks for sharing it.
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