The Kuricorder Quartet
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The Kuricorder Quartet play the recorder, and is probably best known in these parts for doing the theme song to Pythagoras Switch. However, they also play original music, and they all play other instruments. They've covered the Beatles, and John Williams. Here's a picture of all the instruments they play. This year is their 20th anniversary.
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I had only really known them from the Yotsubato "image albums" that were just absolutely delightful in their way. Nice!
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I've loved these guys for several years now. Of all their songs, I've always considered this one to be my full of happiness and good cheer it's like musical Prozac.
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Bum! I didn't even know they visited London, but they did.
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I played a gig in North London when they were they were the mystery special guests. Most entertaining, and thoroughly nice chaps.
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Even the black hole of cynicism that is my heart admits to being charmed by these guys and their music. Bravo!
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