I feel like I'm floating above little worlds.
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6 GoPros = 360º Video.
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That was a lot of fun to watch!
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I kept expecting Mario to show up. Really fun.
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Very cool, but I don't what it means that all I could think of was who will be the first to use that technique for a commercial. I kept waiting for a voiceover and fine print.
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Ja ja, mach schnell mit der Art Thing!
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I wish it hadn't been sped up. Love to see more of this. A squaredance would be cool.
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Feels like a live action The Little Prince.
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who will be the first to use that technique for a commercial

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Professional bike rider on closed course.
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I've taken a ton of 360°, little-world panoramas like (frames from) that, but they are all stills composed of 30–60 overlapping pictures stitched together with Hugin. I took a series of them while hiking through the Alps, with hills and mountains all around you. Sometimes it works out beautifully, but other times the hills and cliffs around you just make the little world look odd and blobby. It's hard to figure out what will work out when it takes several minutes to shoot all the pictures for each panorama, and then you don't get to see them until after the whole trip when you spend quite a bit of time getting it to all stitch together smoothly. It would be great to take a setup like this to a less flat area and wander around to quickly see what different sorts of terrain would look like.
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The Milkman: I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious.
Razputin: Hey, is that milk regular kind, or the exploding dream kind?
The Milkman: It's fortified with what the world wants. What the world deserves.
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I would happily get lost in a full-length film shot this way.
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I don't understand where the sixth camera goes. If you set it up with 1 each for N S E W, or front back left right, then you'd have a 5th pointing straight down at you. If you put a sixth opposite of down, you'd get just sky? Yes? Was that just used to fill in the edges of the screen?
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If you scroll down the main link there's a photo of the rig. It's a 3D printed cube mounting system, mounted diagonally so none point straight upwards.

(It looks to me like a lot of the sky hasn't been included when stitching them into the final video)
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Just to leave it out here, composing tiny-world panoramas has been part of the stock Android kit for a year now. An example panorama I did with my phone, at Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne, all processing and stitching done in the stock Android camera.
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Ah, thanks grahamparks, I think I was misunderstanding how the thing was mounted. I didn't realize it was diagonal.
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Anyone recognize the audio track on the video?
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Not the same thing but related. This is a demonstration of using computers, to create a "virtual" video camera, which allows for the shooting and viewing of 360 degrees of angles that weren't the focus of the real cameras. It allows the commentators to show the tennis players from all views.
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It's a small world after all.
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So that's what the Little Prince is doing now.
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