Night Walk in Marseille
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This is a remarkable fusion of location and technology -- I find myself quite totally immersed in it. It doubtless helps that as much as I love France, I've somehow managed to avoid Marseille repeatedly. I'd love to see more of these.
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For years I've been wondering why things like this didn't exist.

An overlay over google maps with each node linking to videos, seasonal photos, stories and architectural plans seems, to this lay-person, like a really simple but useful and fun idea.
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My only visit to Marseille was to watch an OM match in the State Vélodrome after a late bus ride from Aix. This is delightful! Thanks for sharing!
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this sort of thing seems like it's utterly begging for oculus rift. Some sort of ripoff of this, or simply a similar execution of the same concept really needs to be a launch day app for whatever headset like that takes off(the valve one, oculus/facebook, etc).

Looking at this on my laptop screen felt like watching a eyecandy theater movie like gravity on my phone. Having seen a VR headset, the instant i had to use the trackpad to pan/tilt just felt like a joke.
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My son spent two weeks in Marseille as an exchange student. I can't wait to show this to him.
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As someone who's spent more than a few years living in the South of France... this is more enjoyable the less you know the area.
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Seems to do precisely nothing on the Mac. What am I doing wrong?
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For years I've been wondering why things like this didn't exist.

Me too. There have been some examples of museums. But it never took off the way it seemed it should. I linked a few threads down the 360Fly, maybe this?
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Also seems to do nothing for me on the Mac with Chrome. What are people doing to make it function on Windows?

Update: works on Mac/Safari for me. Google, google, google - Chrome is your browser, why don't you test on that?
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the instant i had to use the trackpad to pan/tilt just felt like a joke

Have we really become that jaded?
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Adapted from

Travel back to 1984 Toronto.
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Have we really become that jaded?

I guess? I have great Internet service(50-60mbps), and a new-ish powerful system. It inconsistently grabbed the world-ball to pan/tilt, and then loaded really glitchily and spastically when I did. I realize the second is an implementation problem, but the first instantly broke immersion for me.

Once you've played with even a cheap headtracking setup on a large monitor, this kind of stuff just feels silly. And having actually played with a headset it's even more so.

The stark, somewhat glitchy transition from the video intro to the click-and-drag google earth dome-view didn't help either.

It kinda reminds me of a 90s 3d game in a lot of ways. The start would have been the transition from an FMV/cutscene to the actual gameplay, and then the interface feels like some mix of in-engine graphics, bitmap HUD stuff, and prerendered backgrounds with all the cheese that era had.

I guess I'm just saying it feels super first gen, and like all the available technologies haven't been worked together or become the default yet.
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I think that's a valid point and is also a primary reason I haven't ever bought a smartphone; because our expectations and thresholds really are set by what we become accustomed to, and I don't want to acclimatize myself to those standards of immediacy, instant entertainment, etc.
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This is a gorgeous piece of interactivity. I think the coolest thing about this is that it offers a fantastic framework. Once you've built one of these, you can do again with a boom mike and a decent DSLR. If Google really wanted to blow some noodles, they would offer this as something that anybody could contribute to.
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Also the background music is ultra-similar to the incidental music in the xBox game 'The Saboteur', which is is odd. It's making me look around for patrolling cartoonish SS troopers.
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I concur with Happy re: blowing noodles - I would like to find out more about producing something like this...
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