Dave Lamb is Home
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Dave Lamb of folk duo Brown Bird (previously), husband of bandmate MorganEve Swain, died yesterday at the age of 35 after a year-long fight with leukemia.

Early on their promotional tour for their third album, Fits of Reason, Lamb began feeling ill, and was diagnosed with leukemia- a disease his brother had survived. Without health insurance and unable to promote their new album, they started a YouCaring fundraiser to raise $40,000. Their fans ultimately donated almost $70,000, and Lamb was able to find insurance through the new healthcare exchanges. The pair got married soon after. Swain continued to update their fans on Lamb's health and their continued songwriting on their blog and Instagram. Unfortunately, in the past week, Lamb experienced a relapse, and he ultimately passed away with his family and friends around him on April 5th, 2014.

The band had experienced rising success in the past few years, and made some truly great music (more in the previously link).
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Brown Bird was one of my favorite bands in the past two years. I was lucky enough to see them live at a sold-out show in Indianapolis about a year ago, right before his diagnosis. They were truly electric.

He will be missed.
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Goddamit. These guys played in Savannah back in 2012 and that live performance is where I first heard them. It was love at first hearing, his voice and their playing were so richly mesmerizing.

Immediately after the show, I basically cornered Dave as he was packing up their van and demanded to buy CDs. He was amused and a little irritated, but friendly and told me to hang on until he finished packing up (they were on a tight schedule for their next gig). Then he got distracted by something and I had another show to see, so I didn't get the CDs then.

But I made damn sure to get online later that night and find the CDs online. What a phenomenal talent. Sorry to see him go, especially when large scale success seemed within their reach. But I'm grateful for the music that's left behind and the unique privilege of seeing and hearing them live. Do check out any videos of Dave Lamb playing that you can find online, you won't be sorry.
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My sister shared the news posted from Brown Bird's Facebook page yesterday and it's the saddest I've felt in quite a while. I discovered them in 2011 and while I never got to see them live, "Danger and Dread" helped me to put things in perspective while I was looking for a job and feeling pretty dejected:

Though this world is made of fearsome beasts that bark and bite
We born to put these creatures through one hell of a fight
May we feast upon the flesh of any fever that befalls you tonight

He fought til the end.
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Boo. 'Blood of Angels' has been a frequent playlist addition since the first FPP a few years back.
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Ah, crud. I was just talking with a coworker about this, and, while we agreed that it didn't sound good, there was a chance that he was maybe rallying. I only heard them play together once (although I've seen MorganEve play in a number of bands over the years), and I'm pretty sorry for that.

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goddamn it.

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I discovered them from the previously link, and became a huge fan. I've been trying to seek out more music like them. That's how great Brown Bird was, it shifted my musical taste into genres I didn't previously like.
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No no no this is just not fair.
You've got to love someone playing Americana wearing a Mastodon tshirt.
He and MorganEve brought something to the table that, now he's gone, will be really hard to fill. The folk scene will be hungry for a long time.
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Dave was one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Brown Bird and my band toured together on and off for several years, and meeting back up with them always felt like coming home. The world is a poorer place without Dave.

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Wow. I'd never heard of them till seeing something about Lamb's passing yesterday. So sad. Their voices sound amazing together and 35 is insanely young.
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