Le Douanier
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So gorgeous, I adore his cardboard-cutout scenery. It's weird, it's when he gets ambitious and starts adding shadows and perspectives that I think his work looks more Naive. His stylized toy-theatre jungles somehow seem more real to me.
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I had a closeup of a Rousseau lion as my phone's home screen for quite a while. My cat gets the exact same expression on his face when there's something interesting he wants to chase or eat.
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Paintings by Rousseau at Wikicommons.
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Rousseau has long been one of my favorite artists, for his rich, proto-surrealist dreamscapes. Has anyone else heard of the rumor that he went to art school and was affecting the naivete? Either way, mad respect.
posted by Mooseli at 8:55 AM on April 8, 2014

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