Scanned images of seaweed
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Such as Ulva lobata from Josie Iselin's new book An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed.
Feather boa kelp - Egregia menziesii
Sea grapes - Botryocladia pseudodichotoma

The Smithsonian Ocean website has some sea animals in seaweed images. And the Seaweed Site has a lot of seaweed information.
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I particularly like the headline "Do you know any seaweeds?" from the Seaweed Site. Now I do! Thanks.
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Is there such a thing as a seaweed dilettante or aficionado or anorak or dabbler or connoisseur? I want to become one.
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Thanks! I know Josie from college and she's a very cool person.

The interesting thing about her work is that she doesn't use cameras - just a flatbed scanner.
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I am a swimmer fond of chilly salt water, and I must say that what looks pretty in a scanner can be yucky, clingy and nasty when wrapped around one's ankle.

They really are quite lovely in these images. Thanks for posting.
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