In Kyrgyzstan, there was one that was made like a traditional Kyrgyz hat
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Photographer Chris Herwig (previously) has successfully kickstarted a photo book on the oddball bus-stops of the former Soviet republics, compiled over 12 years and spanning 12 countries. You can browse many of the photos at Herwig's website. Reporter Alina Simone reported on the project and the bus stops for PRI's The World. The PRI site also has a video slide show of the stops narrated by Herwig.
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They are fabulous, thanks for posting this. Bus stops would seem to be a very practical way to allow some more whimsy and experimentation in architecture, due to their smallness. Interesting that the Soviet Union of all places would have been the place where this bore fruit.
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I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity -- thanks for posting. Future archeologists will be very confused when they find all these many small, very distinctive buildings.
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Very neat. Most of them look to me like little studies in constructivist architecture. Reading a bit about the constructivists, I think you could argue that this makes them pretty profoundly ideological, but not in the way we maybe usually think of Stalinist/Leninist/Soviet ideology.
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