Reviving the Scarab of Ra
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Rick Holzgrafe's Scarab of Ra is one of those early Macintosh shareware games that nostalgic players really really wish would be updated for OSX. Would you settle for a javascript version? The key commands and interface are a bit different, but the monkey will still steal your lantern and you can still earn academic credit by banking the gold you find, exploring the mazes, and collecting treasure. Just like real life.

Two years ago Holzgrafe discovered a facebook group dedicated to reviving the game he wrote, talks candidly about his reactions, and even gives it a stamp of approval. The creator of the new javascripted version is David Pettifor, who has been providing notes on the development on the Revive Scarab of Ra Facebook page.

If you are still using Macintosh OS 6 through 8, you can download the original version here.
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Thank you for this! This game was a favorite as a kid; I remember my dad brought home a floppy disk from work one evening with several shareware games, including this one. As a kid, I don't think I ever had the patience to play it to completion, but I enjoyed the seemingly neverending levels of the pyramid and the spooky vibe of never knowing if a mummy or that crazy monkey was going to be around the corner.

I don't think I ever sent in the 10 bucks for the game; I wonder if I could send Rick Holzgrafe some money now as back payment...
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Oh, wow. I played a lot of shareware back in the day and I'd totally forgotten about this one. I may have to try it again now that I actually know what a "roguelike" is.
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How do I pick up the key?
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In the age before in-game tutorials...
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Oh holy crap. Scarab of Ra. I still get an involuntary eye-twitch when I think about that goddamn lioness.

Bring back Crystal Quest, and you've earned yourself some makeouts.
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It runs perfectly on Mini vMac. Here's a zipped disk image for your emulation enjoyment.

(Myca, CQ runs just fine on Mini vMac, too.)
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Crystal Quest
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oh shit
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scruss: "It runs perfectly on Mini vMac."

Sheepshaver too.
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That Crystal Quest is an impostor.
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I had no idea there was a Gameboy version of Crystal Quest. But yeah, seconded, Crystal Quest without the mouse is no Crystal Quest.

Man I used to play that so much, I couldn't lose. I'd have to deliberately crash like thirty ships if I wanted the game to end.

I bet I'd be terrible at it today.
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Time to go fetch some artifacts, yell at monkeys and die horribly!
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I've never played Scarab of Ra, but I'll make some time for it when I can.

I now have the sudden urge to play Beyond Dark Castle.
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Ooh, now bring back Wizardry!

Scarab freaked me out. I don't deal well with jump scares, and I could never get myself to realize that playing a game that involved ancient evil popping just standing there as you round the blind corner might not have been the best thing to do before going to bed. Not sleep, just bed, because mummies.
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Still hoping for a modernized Pathways Into Darkness.
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But when will we get a modernized Puppet Motel???
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The Scarab of .Ra.
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Ah, wiki to the rescue: There was a sequel to the Temple of Apshai called "Curse of Ra", which is what I had in mind when reading this.
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omg, Scarab of Ra. I spent so many hours playing this in the late 80s...
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There is actually a Pathways to Darkness app on the OSX App Store. Seems like it might suit your needs, ThatFuzzyBastard.
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I know this is late, but I'm a man of my word.

Unilateral, scruss - you guys have earned makeouts.

They can be collected in person in the SF Bay Area, but please PM me before showing up at my door.
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You, my friend, are now on the list.
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