Rooms within rooms, endless cities and labyrinthine structures
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"I hope that a viewer will be able to put themselves in my spaces. To that end I’ve avoided adding any figures of any kind to inhabit the rooms, so the viewer is free to imagine themselves inhabiting them if they choose. Some people find them claustrophobic, others want to linger. The detail draws in the viewer, though I’ve also seen it repel the odd person. I enjoy the combination of the creepy and the whimsical. Perhaps this boils down to wanting my drawings to be haunted in the same way that my dreams locales often feel haunted." Excerpt from an interview with Matthew Borrett, an artist/illustrator who draws black and white rooms, scenes from unreal worlds, and some more realistic settings.
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Wow, amazing work. The black and white ones are like perspective-corrected Escher drawings, and I recognized this neighbourhood before reading which city that album was about.
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Hey neat - Matt is a co-worker of mine. We also worked together on the vfx for this; he created the exterior shots of the factory. Good guy, really creative. (obviously!)
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Needs some random encounter tables.
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Needs some random encounter tables

Yeah, when is the 2014 one-page dungeon contest?


Coming soon!

... anyway - I like this, thanks filthy light thief.
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These are excellent, thanks for sharing!
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I love this so much.
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