Irene Fernandez 1946 - 2014
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Malaysian human rights activist Irene Fernandez died on March 31st 2014 at age 67 from heart failure. She was arrested and charged with one year imprisonment in 1996 for "publishing false information with the intention to harm" after publishing a report on abuses of migrant workers in detention camps in Malaysia, and was acquitted in 2008 after multiple delays due to losses of important files. She received a Right Livelihood Award in 2005 for her human rights and migrant advocacy work. She is remembered by activists in Malaysia and overseas, politicians, and international media.

Steven Gan, co-writer of the above-mentioned report on migrant worker conditions, discusses the Internet and the lack of press freedoms in Malaysia.
Amnesty International publishes a report on the exploitation and abuse of migrant workers in Malaysia that quotes Fernandez.
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A bad month for the opposition: Karpal Singh, tireless political activist of 40 years, passed away today in a car accident. RIP.

Karpal Singh: Always in Pursuit of Justice
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