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The Persian Version is the latest video release by Patrik Wallner, from the description: Skating has taken root all over the world for decades now. Except in Iran. This is an incredible first-look at a country essentially experiencing skating for the first time.

Wallner has been documenting skateboarding in places that you wouldn't expect to find it for several years now. His website, visual traveling, includes many videos and photos going back to 2005.

Some (relatively) recent highlights:

Gurus in the Ganges (2013) - Skateboarding through India to the Kumbh Mela gathering.

Meet The Stans (2013) - Skateboarding along the ancient Silk Road traversing China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Holy Cow (2012) - A month long journey through South Asia.
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Man. I love a good skate video. And that is an excellent skate video.

I really wish M.J. all the best in his enterprise.
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That was outstanding. Love the travel aspect, and the skating is not bad either. When I see really good skaters, it seems impossible for a computers as small in size as the human brain to control this bag of muscles and bones to achieve such feats seemingly at the edge of what the laws of physics permit, and I think of how very far we still have to go to come anywhere close to that with robots (such as those running military robots mechanical horse/dogs). Not in my lifetime will we ever see robots do anything like this - technology is still so primitive in some areas.
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That was really great. Thanks!
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Don't forget Mongolia! (2013) (that sweet documentary is 43 minutes - directed by Bataa)
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