Road trip!!!
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Monday, Sam and his party set out for Rochester and Chatham, where they told ghost stories. On Tuesday he had a boat trip, got drunk, and kissed all the ladies. Wednesday he met a singing parrot and enjoyed some music but was a little distracted by Rebecca. More snogging and joking with friends. Thursday it was goodbye to Rebecca with a pang of guilt, and on the way home he stole some beer and played some practical jokes. So to bed very sleepy for last night’s work, concluding that it is the pleasantest journey in all respects that ever I had in my life.
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Just casually mention your church doors are covered in flayed human flesh, that's fine the REAL scary thing is a pillow.
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You make him sound like a hobbit.
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For the Edible Book festival I make a cake diary and covered it with marshmallow Peeps.

I think two people out of 60 got the joke.
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You can also keep up with Sam by following his Twitter feed.
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