I don't know what a spangle is to this day and now I can't ask him
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Good Grief, an animated short film from Australia about the process of grieving and the lessons learned from adjusting to loss, made using stop-motion animation and recorded interviews with real people.
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I like this, but it feels like Nick Park and Creature Comforts deserve a credit?
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Oh thank you.

I had to make the agonizing decision to put my dog (and by that I mean my best friend in the entire world) to sleep last Thursday. He was just 13 but was starting to get sick very sick and I had to choose between him always being happy and (mostly) pain free or keeping onto him only to watch him become sometimes happy and never pain free.

Since then, I have found myself putting my hand over my heart to make sure it is in one piece because it feels as though it has torn into a billion pieces that will never fot back properly together.

Thank you for this video.
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This is just beautiful. Thank you. And hugs to (((awesomelyglorious))). Our dog is 18. I understand.
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This is lovely, and I really loved the photos during the credits.

And awesomelyglorious, I'm so sorry. So sorry.
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A hug for you, awesomelyglorious, and condolences.
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