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Pop/ska duo The Monroes had a big hit in Norway with Sunday People in 1983. Perhaps the tallest musical duo ever they were often referred to simply as 4 meters of pop. Sadly, last year they both died of cancer. Their second hit was Cheerio.
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FYI...The Sunday People video is not available in the US...
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Here is a version oif the (previously unknown to me, and slightly perplexing) video for Sunday People, available in the US.
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Holy crap, I emigrated from Norway as a 13-year-old in 1984 and this and the YouTube suggestions are taking me waaaay down the weird memory rabbit hole. I have not thought of that song in 30 years and yet I could instantly recall every line. Why, oh why, when I can barely remember where I left my keys this morning? I guess because my memory RAM is filled up with '80s lyrics...
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