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Meet the majestic American WoodEch.
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I must immediately tweet this...
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From the birdhaus, I say . . . .eck!
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American Woodcocks are really cool birds. The male's dusk and dawn mating display includes the peent call, and then an aerial display where he flies straight up about 100 yards and flits back to the same patch of ground while making weird whistling sounds from the wind rushing through his wing feathers. It's a pretty cool thing to hear out in the woods at night.

If you're easily embarrassed, you can call them timberdoodles.
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I believe these are audio samples of JonTron edited in. He tweeted this video earlier this week.
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Tell it I hate it.
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Sounds a lot like Sylvia Browne did.
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The "peent" and the wind whistling through wings both sound like insects to me.

Interesting the way he turns to give the ech call to all points of the compass-- is it too much to guess that the "ech" is a demonstration to potential mates of the ability to regurgitate caught insect prey for the benefit of a sitting mate and later nestlings?
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Ah, how I miss Ech! on Game Grumps. Not as much as dang-ass dang, though.
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