Sølar-pøwered flashlights? But wait, there's møre!
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The Nordic Society for Invention & Discovery has brought never-before-seen and totally exclusive technologies into the world, such as the Aaltopuck (an ice hockey puck modeled after Alvar Aalto's Savoy Vase), the Flower Shell (a shotgun shell that shoots seeds into the ground), the Wall of Sound (an 8000-watt iPod dock) and No More Woof (a device that wraps around your dog's head and translates his or her brain waves to computerized speech).
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The cordless bungee?
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What is this? An apartment for ants? The building has to be at least... three times bigger than this!

Never change, Norway.
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this is jokes, right? Concept art and not actual products, right?
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Seems easier to learn how to listen to dogs.
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When I see the Flower Shell, I can't help but think of Grim Fandango.
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One of my students came up with a solar powered flashlight product for use in disaster relief, in partnership with a local charity. Essentially it was 4 chargeable flashlights, which could hang together in a fitting in a tent for indoor night time use but where the individual lights could then pop out to be used by anyone who needed to leave the tent at night. All based off a small portable solar panel.
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The only problem with the Aaltopuck, as regards its design intention, is that it still has flat top and bottom surfaces. So skilled players who know how to loft the puck can still control it in a predictable manner, giving the advantage to the team who knows how to pass in the air.

To truly balance the field, the puck should have concave tops and bottoms, so the puck will roll or teeter on the stick.
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If teleportation of living matter ever becomes feasible, I would vote for the first permanent link to be established between Tokyo and Oslo.

That would surely be the catalyst for a healthy onslaught of the fun and weird shenanigans we as a species need to remain human.
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damn you Kronos; that was my first thought upon seeing this post.
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