I hate this. I look like a superhero.
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Oh shit, this is hilarious. Laughing my ass off here. Had no idea it was him in the suit.

Steve: Jean-Claude comes in and we're fitting him in this red suit and just assuming, like the slaves that we are, that the higher ups have told him exactly what's going on. But he thought this was actually the real look of the monster in the movie and he was, "I hate this. I hate this. I hate it. I look like a superhero." He was so angry. I'm like, "Jean-Claude, did no one tell you? It's a cloaking device. You're invisible for half of the picture. This is not you." Which made him even angrier because he thought he could do his martial arts, he could fight Arnold Schwarzenegger. Impossible. Absolutely Impossible. He didn't realize that he was just kind of a stunt man, right? We get him out there for the first shot and he's just seething.

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Jean-Claude van DAMN!
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Bright red prototype Predator would be a great costume for Halloween or a con.
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The original head looks like Jar-Jar!
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Is this really true? IMDB shows one Kevin Peter Hall as the Predator.
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klarck: Apparently he was fired.
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I originally saw Predator at a drive-in movie theater. It was a very old, rundown drive-in that showed 2nd run movies, but it was cheap and you could bring in beer and sit around in lawn chairs drinking and watching movies. It was so run down that the projector was dim and the movies were always kind of murky. For years afterward I couldn't understand why people liked Predator. It was nothing but 2 hours of men running around shooting guns at bushes.

Then one day I happened to flip by Predator on cable and finally realized you could actually see the monster. The drive-in picture had been so bad I really thought it was invisible the whole time.
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Well, there IS a scene where someone unloads on a bunch of innocent shrubs for about 10 minutes...
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If the color bleeds....
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-- obligatory Predator reference --


-- end of obligatory Predator reference --
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The original suit looks something like what i would imagine danger(see also, also) looks like if he wasn't perpetually shrouded in darkness.
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Bright red prototype Predator would be a great costume for Halloween or a con.

I'm waiting for the despecialized and remastered edition, where Schwarzenegger fights the Red Power Lobster.
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Van Damme was an asset. An expendable asset. And they used him to get the job done, got it?
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SirPatStew would have worn the damn thing, and absolutely rocked it.
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