Bottles and ballast stones!
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NOAA's Okeanos Explorer (previously 1, 2) is currently exploring the Gulf of Mexico. Today, they're exploring a 19th century shipwreck! Watch the discoveries on three live streams.
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Currently looking at a live feed of a glass goblet that's been underwater and unseen by human eyes for umpteen years while I should be working. My day is better for this. Thanks.

Oh, can someone let me know when video-feed supported, remote-control submersibles reach the same level of [a]maturity as the stuff that my neighbor is using in his gps supported quad-copter with gimbal mounted live video streaming amazingness?

I may or may not have a few fishing spots I want to scope out...
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Watching that live is Awesome.
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Is that the ship's bell!?!

Enhance... enhance.... enhance....
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Be sure to go full screen, the resolution is excellent.
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How am I supposed to look at live feeds and count condors and do work? Dammit!

(This is awesome. I love living in the future.)
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It's worth watching if only for the frequency with which you'll hear the words "squat lobster."
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Anenomes and doubloons on the first click! Great!
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"squat lobster" ooh, aah

I can't watch with sound, is that what those pinkish spidery things with the long legs are? Those little guys are so cute.
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Wow this is great! I volunteer as a lab assistant at an archaeology lab dealing with artifacts from a shipwreck, so it's pretty cool to watch this.
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Squat lobster? Wasn't that by the B-52s? (Though now I want to know what noise it makes...)
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This is great! I love getting to see professionals at work in situations like this.
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This is so cool. In my next life, I want to do this for a living.
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Arrgh. There's piles of cool wreckage to identify everywhere, but let's zoom in on this crab that looks exactly like the last six crabs we've seen before instead, just to make sure it's the same kind of crab. I'm all for looking at both the wreck and the sea life, but not having control of that camera is frustrating.
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Heh. That crab is like one of those doofuses who stands behind on-the-street newscasters waving to the camera.
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And you really can't get too complacent about the sea life. One minute you're "Oh it's just another piddly little crab," and then BAM -- you've woken the Leviathan and it's the end of the world.
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Be sure to use headphones or speakers with good stereo separation. Sometimes there are multiple people talking at once, but in stereo each person's voice comes from a different direction, which makes it much easier to follow.
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