The Broadway community has always been at the forefront of this issue
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If you go to see a Broadway or off-Broadway show this June, the masthead of your Playbill will look a little different; for the first time in its 130 year history, the program, along with their digital properties and social media sites will turn rainbow during the last week of June to commemorate Pride weeks in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and other major cities around the world.
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Gays in the theatre? Well I never.
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Beat me to it.
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Homer: ...And the entire steel mill was gay.
Moe: Pfft, where you been, Homer? Entire steel industry's gay. Yeah, aerospace too. And the railroads! And you know what else? Broadway!
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You're joking, but you know how people make a big fuss when athletes come out? They should do the same for actors. Maybe it would make the theatre a more welcoming environment.
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