ref. Claude Lévi-Strauss
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The trailer for the 2012 documentary The Raw and the Cooked stands alone as a work of art, by capturing perfectly the best scenes from this beautiful film. Created by German filmmaker Monika Treut. Background.
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That made me very hungry.
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Wow, that was very beautiful. Made me hungry too.. but not just for food. And kind of embarrassed about the bucket of KFC extra crispy my son and I have been feasting on this afternoon, sigh...
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ref. Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt
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damn you metafilter

now friggin taiwan is on my bucket list

christ, what an asshole site

and boy am i hungry
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Not what I was expecting.
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Also not what I was expecting.
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As a resident of Taiwan, I approve!
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I think the trailer is way stronger than the full film. Even to someone very obsessed with Taipei's food cornucopia (I visited 4 times in 2 years just to eat!), the full documentary felt much too draggy.
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fnerg and drlith, probably also not what you were expecting. A much heralded documentary film in the era of Claude Levi-Strauss by the acclaimed director Jean Rouch.

(n.b. at one point during the ceremonies of these Ghanians, they have a vigorous argument over whether one of the main entrees should be offered raw or cooked. Sarah McLachlan & other friends of animals should probably refrain from watching. But the intro tells you that. In French.)
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