Black and White and Code All Over
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hiddenenigma is an Instagram account featuring daily monochrome experiments created with the Processing library, currently on day 110 and going for 365.
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Reminds me of the processing-heavy instagram feed of this colleague of mine.
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I just found hiddenenigma 2 days ago & have been ❤️ing like crazy. Coincidentally, one of her Processing experiments is identical to one of my own. Anyway, go start following Instagrammers who use the #processing & #proce55ing hashtags & you'll find other sketch-a-day folk.
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Actually, I wanted to come back to say that as much as I like hiddenenigma's Instagram account, the world of Processing users, generative artists using other languages & libraries like OpenFrameworks, and creative coders generally goes much, much deeper than this. Andrew Benson, Kim Asendorf, Adam Ferris, and hundreds of others are doing interesting and sophisticated work. There are Processing-designed quilts by Libsy-something & glitch textiles by Phil Cunningham. Processing-generated 3D-printed jewelry. It seems almost endless.
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