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Cobalt reunited and will be recording a new album. Who is Cobalt? Cobalt is a American black metal band consisting of Phil McSorley and Erik Wunder. They have only played live a dozen or so times, largely because McSorley is often abroad, where he serves as a Sergeant in the US Army. Not coincidentally, they refer to their form of metal as 'War Metal'.

Stream their albums Eater of Birds, and Gin.

Here is a full show of Cobalt's at the Saint Vitus bar in Brooklyn last year.

Here are some clips of Cobalt playing at last years Maryland Deathfest, which was the first time they ever played live in public.

This piece from Stereogum has a nice write-up on Cobalt playing the Maryland Deathfest.

And Ulcerism is their best song.
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Wow, no comments in 4 days? Metafilter just doesn't have enough love for metal. Cobalt are rad and I'm looking forward to their upcoming album.

ALSO IN METALFILTER: The new Coffinworm album melts faces. So does the new Teitanblood and Impetuous Ritual.
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