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YouTube user Frank Huang posts full live sets of metal/grindcore, many from Brooklyn's St. Vitus bar, including: Pig Destroyer, Kylesa (@ Santos), Whores., KEN MODE, Sleep (@ Hellfest), Pelican, Deafheaven, Cobalt, and naturally Saint Vitus.
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This St. Vitus, it dances?
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My god, how good is Pig Destroyer?!
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Wait wait wait. Sleep is performing together again?!?! I had no idea.
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Yeah, I think they just play reunion shows, no new material. Pretty sure the drummer left Om because touring was too much a hassle.
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This is fucking awesome. Thanks for sharing the metal.
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Wait wait wait. Sleep is performing together again?!?! I had no idea.

Yep. Saw 'em at Maryland Death Fest last year. Fuckin' amazing. Matt Pike is touring with High on Fire right now, though.
Speaking of gods, I just saw Spirit Caravan for the first time a couple of Saturdays ago. This coming not quite two years after seeing Saint Vitus. Man, love these reunion tours.
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Just as an aside, after the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony at Barclay's Center last week, the remaining remembers of Nirvana went to St. Vitus and performed. I live two blocks from this place and didn't get the news til the next day. Fuckin a.
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There's a lot of extra people on stage for Pig Destroyer. Also, damn! This guy has Fight Amp, Thou, Lo Pan, Goatwhore, Gorguts (!), Torche (!!!) could spend months watching all these. Thanks for posting!
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The new Gorguts album is so good. Thou is getting a lot of hype right now too. Stoked to watch these when I get home.
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This guy goes to an inhuman amount of shows! I am amazed, to a goddamned degree.

Also, Carcass! The "new" Carcass album (2012) was shockingly good. Who new reunion albums could be?
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