Hurt Locker: The Musical
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Neil Patrick Harris is getting glowing reviews for his turn in the title role in Hedwig And The Angry Inch, now playing on Broadway. But wait, why is "internationally ignored song stylist" Hedwig even playing Broadway in the first place? Because the Belasco Theater was suddenly available because Hurt Locker: The Musical opened and closed on the same night. In fact, the floor of the theater is found to be littered with discarded Playbill magazines for the failed production.

One page from Playbill asks, "How Many Have You Seen?"
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The best part about Hurt Locker: The Musical is the part where the guy in the Spider-Man costume falls onto the stage from the catwalk.
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What? You didn’t know that the 2008 Oscar-winning nail-biter about an Iraq bomb squad had been made into a musical? And you hadn’t heard that it stars Adele Dazeem’s sister?

That’s because the film wasn’t. And she doesn’t.

It hasn't and it doesn't.

hope fired blunder
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Your body's the bomb. Literally.
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That's really kind of beautiful.
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Performed by Fiona Shaw

not gonna lie, I would be there OPENING NIGHT.
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Actually, the text of the entire bible will be the title of Fiona Apple's next album.
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It's only an unfortunate accident of birth that it isn't the title of your marriage.
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When you're a bomb
You're a bomb all the way
From your opening night
To your closing day
When you're a bomb
You know you're bombing it right
When your closing day
Is your opening night
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SERIOUSLY? A COUPLE OF BRITISH SWEATERS? An Argument Concerning Excess Luggage Weight When Returning From London.
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What does it say that in the brief period between reading this post and clicking on the link I believed there really was a Hurt Locker musical?

That you actually agree with Stacey Mindich, when she was talking about The Bridges of Madison County and said
"I think when you are looking at a novel that sold 50 million copies worldwide and a film that grossed, you know, $180 million — which was quite a lot for 1995 — ... that you can't say no [to making it into a musical]."
Let the record show that I shouted at my car radio "THERE ARE MANY WAYS YOU CAN SAY NO!"
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I'm just glad to see that these fake plays haven't stolen my idea for a musical, Black Elk Sings!
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Let us slowly steer the great ship of this thread to how great Hedwig is as a show and how awesome nph is as a star...
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All I have to say is: Holy shit does NPH have great legs.
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I'm so happy Adele Dazeem is still a thing.
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Charlie and Algernon the musical adaption of Flowers for Algernon. Played both the West End and Broadway. So that happened.
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I would honestly be surprised if there isn't a bunch of kids out there in a lo-fi band performing under the name Adele Dazeem and hoping to get their first 7" pressed right now.
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The blurb, "Still running!" for CLOINK! The Kitchen Utensil Percussive Hit made me giggle uncontrollably.
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I'm partial to "This transpired!"
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I dunno, kinda gross to me that a cis guy is playing a trans character when there are few enough opportunities for trans actresses in the first place.
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Hedwig occupies a space between male and female. Trans and cis are only parts of the story contained within Hedwig's journey. Drag and punk and rebellion and questioning... The creator of Hedwig is a cis male, and the role has been played by both men and women across the years.

Are you even familiar with the theater piece? Or are you making judgements based on these reviews?
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Hurt Locker: The Musical sounds like a project of Corky St. Clair, known for Backdraft, The Musical.
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I'm so excited to see Hedwig tomorrow night. Not only because I love NPH and the score, but because out of everything that's opened this season, this is something so different.
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That was fun.

I barked out loud at Streep No More; "Wear glasses! Then don't wear glasses! Acquire an accent! Then turn left!"
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There’s even a fake full-page ad that will really hit the funny bone of Broadway’s demographic: “Luxury. In its most essential form,” reads the headline over a picture of a gold ingot. “A bar of gold.”

Everything about this is great.
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Reminds me of The Wire - the Musical! Experience the decay of America's inner cities, through the magic of song!
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Every song you know, performed by singers that you don't! JUKEBOX: THE MUSICAL

Now playing in way too many theaters.
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This was already a great extended joke in the production early in previews what with the set and the awful bit of a song. I'm glad they found a way to keep going; leaving out fake playbills is awesome.

I saw this relatively early in previews and loved it so much. I can hardly listen to "The Origin of Love" by itself without tearing up; seeing it in the show was overwhelming. Am excited to go back!
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Note also the byline of the blurb.
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I saw Hedwig Thursday and absolutely loved it. I saw it a couple of times at the Jane St Theatre in the late 90s and was a little concerned about the transition to Broadway, but it was great, NPH was amazing, and I want to see it again.

I would love to see Hedwig played by a trans actor, but I agree with hippybear that she doesn't have to be. Also, my understanding of how this production came about is that NPH was looking to return to Broadway, so this production wouldn't exist without him as Hedwig.
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Bobby Cannavale and Taye Diggs! Man, I would see that show.
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I'm disappointed that the fake playbill didn't list Bialystock & Bloom as producers.
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I would watch the hell out of Gravity on Ice. And probably get dizzy with all the spinning, but it'd be fun.
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I really, really want to get my hands on one of those playbills for a veteran friend of mine who hates the Hurt Locker.
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Meanwhile, Springtime for Hitler is waiting to be produced. It's only a matter of time.
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That photo of NPH is an-insta classic. Makeup & costume not seen since Rocky Horror.

Wish I was in town for it.
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The "Luxury. In its most essential form. A bar of gold" spoof ad recalled a Dave Barry gag from about 20 years ago..
"The Rolex Hyperion. An elegant new standard in quality excellence and
discriminating handcraftsmanship. For the individual who is truly able
to discriminate with regard to excellent quality standards of crafting
things by hand. Fabricated of 100 percent 24-karat gold. No watch
parts or anything. Just a great big chunk on your wrist. Truly a
timeless statement. For the individual who is very secure. Who
doesn't need to be reminded all the time that he is very successful.
Much more successful than the people who laughed at him in high
school. Because of his acne. People who are probably nowhere near as
successful as he is now. Maybe he'll go to his 20th reunion, and
they'll see his Rolex Hyperion. Hahahahahahahahaha."
-- Dave Barry, "In Search of Excellence"

Also: made-up purportedly-African-American names frequently make me squirm, but I'm going to let them slide this time for making the leading lady's name (in a musical about a bomb squad) "D'Bree"
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That picture is giving me leg jealousy.
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Saw Hedwig in previews a couple weeks ago and thought it was terrific (I loved the movie but didn't even know about the original show until just recently - shame on me!). I brought along my sister and boyfriend, who I think were a little skeptical when I tried to describe what we were going to see, but they fell in love with it as well. Everyone go now! I'm sad I didn't snag one of the Hurt Locker Playbills, but maybe they weren't planting them yet?
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Thanks, roll truck roll... I was looking for such a thing but didn't find it. That's so awesome.

"Music and lyrics by: Metaliica and Stephen R. Schwartz" LOL
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While I'm not personally upset by the idea of a cis male actor playing Hedwig (given that John Cameron Mitchell is also cis), I was a little bit disheartened when I saw NPH discussing Hedwig with Conan O'Brien. It seemed like he doesn't really know that much about trans women -- or, at least, that he didn't know much about them at the time of that appearance. It's entirely possible that he has done research and/or interacted with more trans people between then and now.
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I think it could be argued that Hedwig isn't a transperson, not by usual definitions of the term, anyway. He was a young man seeking to get out of East Berlin and was given the opportunity to do so only if he had a sex change operation, which was subsequently botched by a back alley surgeon. I'm not sure I see in the story she tells about herself that she had gender dysphoria, rather that she was resigned to her role as a female because of her surgery.

In fact, the end of the show has Hedwig strip all the trappings of female or male off and walk out to face the world as something new and different than at the beginning of the show.

I'd love to hear from actual trans people about their opinions of Hedwig, as I may be lacking perspective here. But I have never seen Hedwig as a show about a trans woman at all.
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