"Whip out your gun and follow that car." ~ Vladimir Nabokov
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"Vera Nabokov with a Ferrari 308"
I also need this to become a television show in the style of Magnum PI.
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Alfa Romeo, light of my life, fire of my loins.
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Anyone who follows hockey is probably mildly befuddled at the moment.
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Few know of Evgeni Nabokov's off-season career as a novelist and lepidopterist.
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Ironically, Vladimir Vladimirovich never bothered to learn to drive and was instead chauffeured everywhere by the devoted Vera. They both doted on Dmitri and took a great interest in his twin passions of car-racing and opera-singing.

Once Nabokov père's achieved international bestselling author status, Dmitri enjoyed the kind of lifestyle that his father might have if the Russian Revolution hadn't destroyed their family fortune. One can hardly begrudge him such an impressive selection of classic automobiles after his emigre/refugee childhood.
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One could probably get a master's thesis out of Volodya's car motifs, despite being a non-driver.
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The kid's capable of hustling an Alfa GTZ through the Parabolica.

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