Thank God there are still mad Geniuses Out There
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Thank God there are still mad Geniuses Out There Aqua Team Hunger Force and Sealab 2021 always make me cry with laughter. Makes me a little less afraid of the TV. I think the kicker is their stuff is funnier than I could ever be. Want the songs? Never a problem. Fan site that has the scoops and skinny? That too can be arranged.
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Heh. Whoo! Williams street link.

Yeah, I'm really quiet loving adult swim now. I think Cartoon network is moving into better terretory. Wonder if they reveal their demographics and such, I'd think it's atleast 40% adult.

"Machine-saw hands! Bzzzzzztttt!"

I haven't been up to date on episodes and such, but I think there are new SG:ctc episodes, right? I think they were busy with the Brak Show before. The last one I saw was with Bjork and Radiohead.
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a lot of the video clips aren't working....
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anybody know what happened to Home Movies? where's the SquiggleVisionâ„¢? and the theme music?!
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ugh. home movies.

is it just me or does anyone else find that show completely not funny? then again i hated dr. katz too. hell, squigglevision looks like they've got an animation team of three year olds with attention deficit disorder.

sealab 2021 and everything thereafter on the other hand is good television. it's got all my friends saying completely inane things like "pod six was jerks anyway", "i know you saw that chopper explode" or "carl, your hands", "i know, they're very big". i don't think they've quoted lines with that much fervor from cartoons since at least the tick.

*sigh* here's to hoping that baby blues is less bad than home movies...
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i almost forgot... for any fans of sealab 2021, mc chris [the voice of hesh] has put out a drop dead funny rap album which is fully available in mp3.

[if the name "mc chris" sounds familiar consult your sealab episode guide.]
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Actually, Home Movies and Dr. Katz are two of my all-time favorite animated shows. I appreciate the guided-improv voice acting, and they're both so quietly funny. And I could hear Jason talk about cradle cap all day.

Sealab and The Brak Show also, of course, rock my socks, but in a very different way, and give me hope of someday having my own TV show.
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I have little mp3 clips of Williams Street stuff wedged in between songs on all of my mix discs these days.

"I may not have 17 inch metal claws, but when I grip you, you know you've been gripped!"

A shameless crowd pleaser.
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hey thanks Dagobert. i didn't know there was an adultswim site. i like home movies :) i read someplace that paula poundstone voices brendan's mom. is that true?
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yes, paula poundstone does do the voice of the mom in the beginning(1999), but now janine ditullio does the voice. imdb:homemovies

I found that home movies grows on you.

Brendon: "how are you doing?"
Coach: "Well I just drink pee Brendon, thats how I am doing"
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i wasn't too big of a fan of dr. katz, but home movies can only be described as totally sweet. as are all the other shows on adult swim. it's a shame they're mostly playing reruns though, but it's still worth watching, 'cause i can't find any other block that even comes close to the hilarity (or the dopeness of cowboy bebop.).

speaking of sealab quotes:

dr quin: what time is it?
stormy: i said it's dodgeball time, bitch.

oh yeah, you didn't hear it from me, but there are some downloadable (real.. ugh.) episodes on fucinet.
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I'm totally into Aqua Team Hunger Force.

Meatwad is so cute!

And Schoolly D does a mean intro song.
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I named my new fish Meatwad. I just couldn't help it.
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ATHF is simply the best thing on television. I mean, come on... The Mooninites!

"You and your... third dimension."
"Oh, what about it?"
"Oh, nothing. It's cute. We have five."
"Yes, five thousand!"
"Don't question it!"
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