Two Muddy Pills
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On the 10th anniversary of his wildly popular blog, Joe.My.God published Two Muddy Pills, a previously unpublished true story.
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Awesome. My chest felt all constricted in the middle of the story, then I got a tear in my eye, and right at the end I busted into a big smile. That made me feel good to read. Perfect.

Thanks for posting it, roomthreeseventeen.
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Awww. Thanks, roomthreeseventeen - got some rough stuff going on and a nice true story was just really great to read right now.
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Joe Jervis is a national treasure.
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One of my favorite blogs. Looking forward to reading this.
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Thank you!
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I'm...crying with joy for those two.
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Nothing better than a happy ending.
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Thanks for posting. Lovely story.
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That's a beautiful, beautiful story.
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Oh, thank you.
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Awww, geee.
Went into that one blind and now I'm having a hard time seeing.
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Joe writes the most amazing stories from that time. My ex-partner was on Crixivan and it was a BRUTAL treatment. He had to take pills on an empty stomach 4 times a day. You know how hard it is to have an empty stomach 4 times a day, every day, at the same time? And the face hollowing and "crix gut" that resulted was just awful.

Medicine has come an enormous leap forward in a relatively short period of time in the fight against HIV, and for that, I'm thankful.
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That was sweet.
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Oh man. Thanks so much. Sniff.
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Wonderful story.

Crix saved the lives of so many HIV+ young men, and then took so many HIV+ 30-50 somethings from heart attacks (the facial wasting, with humpback and gut fat loading, are from a cholesterol metabolism change that also clogged coronary arteries). Overall, a gain that let folks survive until better drugs were created, but the pain of losing even more of the missing daddy generation...
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I love Joe's writing!! Seriously though, this story CAN'T make you cry..... because how are you going to get through I Will Hold You Ten Times? (warning: that story does not have a happy ending, expect to give yourself a few minutes after that for the crying to subside. There is so much love inside those words.)
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