Cold Pastoral
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We were in the stage where we couldn’t make serious eye contact for fear of implying we were too invested. We used euphemisms like “I miss you” and “I like you” and smiled every time our noses got too close.
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Seems ironic/prescient/creepy that the story should derive its title from a poem by one of the most famous examples of a writer who died too young.
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What a mature, emotionally wrought story.
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Not without irony, but given that, line for line, Keats is the source of more titles than just about anybody, it's closer to cliché than prescience. But, given just how good Keats was, I don’t begrudge anybody stealing from him.
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Ooof. gutpunch.
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I like it. Much better than the hype led me to anticipate.
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This makes me angry at college and grateful to have been exposed to her talent.

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Just the first paragraph of this makes me feel grateful, connected to humanity, and somewhat helpless. I was probably feeling helpless before, but this explains why. Continuing to read, this is goddamned clear-eyed and honest and wonderful. Thanks for posting it.
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That was great. Many feels, as our generation says. Shame to have her go before her time.
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