A Different Kind of Movie Snacks
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To help promote their business selling vouchers usable at various UK restaurants, RestauarantsChoice.co.uk set up a subsite, "The Internet Foodie Database" with a list of the Top 250 Food Flicks. Surprisingly, #1 on the list with a rating of 9.3 was "Bill and Ted's Bogus Jerky", the sequel to "Bill and Ted's Egg Salad Adventure", which only rated a 6.4. But this was far from the first effort to create a definitive list of Movie/Food Puns...

Punny Side Up has featured over 150 such puns in the form of photoshopped movie posters, starting in November 2010 with "Bill and Ted's Egg Salad Adventure", and including such classics as "Spartacustard", "Prawn of the Dead" (maybe the only prawn pun not in the IFDb) and "They Call Me MISTER Pibb!"

Movie/Food Puns have also been crowdsourced, in forum posts at Yelp, Amazon and a community site in Staffordshire, as well as a contest at the New Yorker website, and recent Oscar-themed "movie menus" at both Bon Appétit and Serious Eats.

Of course, TV/Food Puns have also been done, but are not as well collected. There's this recent webcomic and even a cute little sketch from MeFi's Own John 'The Whelk' Leavitt (all he's missing is a piece of bacon in his hand/hoof).
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I'm disappointed by the absence of Last Action Gyro.
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Last Action Gyro? It's there, one of the early Punny Side Up posters.
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Heh. I just looked at the first link. That's better.

Seriously some of these are great.
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Edward Blizzardhands is my new favourite human being.
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