15 points for Grandma, but only 5 for her already snot-nosed grandkids
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Similar in form to Boomshine but way grosser, play Sneeze and infect the world with your germs.
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Needs upgrades.
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I was once tasked with developing a game around a health topic. The above mentioned game was our example for what we aimed for in scope and gameplay mechanic, but alas, feature-creep and the necessities of medical correctness prevented our game from being nearly as much fun as "Sneeze".
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The random movements of the victims make it even more relegated to "Oh man I hope I get lucky" gameplay than Boomshine is. And the soundtrack is... less pleasant.

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Also similar is Infectonator 2, except that the virus in question happens to be the zombie virus.
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hmm, infectonator 2 is causing google chrome to flash malware warnings.
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