Ewok Anthropology
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In honor of May the Fourth, I present to you more information about Ewoks than you ever cared to know: The Return of the Subaltern (Part One and Part Two)
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Ai cheewamma!
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Holy shit there's seriously an entry on Ewokese with a long vocabulary section in the Wookieepedia which I found out after posting that comment. Now I'm concerned that I've used a non-standard transliteration.
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I never, EVER wanted to know anything about the Ewoks, except maybe how they could have accomplished the film without them.

I'd be much more interested in Tusken Raider or those adorable little Jawas.

Of course, it's just a coincidence that I happen to be watching "A New Hope" right now.
PURELY coincidence.
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C'mon extinction event.. C'mon exinction event
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The lecture isn't really about Ewoks from a lore standpoint, but rather the creation of the Ewoks as a fantasy of primitive culture and progress in the Star Wars mythos. The anthropology in question is a study of western mass-media culture, not the fictive world of Endor.

I do wonder whatever happened to the woman who provided the basis for their language, and if she ever saw the films.
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C'mon extinction event.. C'mon exinction event

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"Dynamism, initiative, mobility, and rapidity of decision in the face of new situations...these represent a military art whose characteristic is to defeat material force with moral force, defeat what is strong with what is weak, defeat what is modern with that which is primitive, defeat the modern armies of the aggressive imperialists with the people’s patriotism and determination to carry out a thorough revolution. Yub nub."

-General Wicket Wystri Warrick, Ewok People's Liberation Front.
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Hey! The great Wendy Doniger gets cited @ four minutes in!
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