Listening west with the sunrise
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Global Breakfast Radio aggregates radio stations from across the world, constantly streaming broadcasts from wherever it’s breakfast-time right now. (via)
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This is an amazing idea and my new favorite thing.
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I used to listen to shortwave radio a lot and I have always missed the unpredictability of what I'd find while scanning the radio-waves... online radio generally doesn't have the same mystery to it. But this is great!
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Oh gosh this is the perfect, PERFECT working jam.
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Reminds me of this wonderful bit of time-shifting tinkering which sees a Raspberry Pi stuffed into an old Roberts to make Radio 4 play at the 'right' time, wherever you are in the world.

I made a (much less clever) Raspberry Pi-powered Radio 4 Shite Replacement Unit which automatically replaces cack like Gardeners' Question Time with programmes that don't make me want to firebomb Broadcasting House - just added Global Breakfast Radio to the list of alternatives and can't wait to hear a five minute burst in place of Thought for the Day tomorrow!
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I clicked on it, and suddenly WFMU.

well played, internet.
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Newfoundland radio informs me they have a FREE DEAD WHALE for anyone who wants it.

Valued at over $2000 (source - eBay.) Probably not named Willy. U HAUL IT.

Also it is cold and rainy there.
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Suriname is serving up some booty shaking goodness right now. I wish there was a track listing.
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This is brilliant! Thanks!
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Terrific, brilliant, all that good stuff. I have a long work day ahead and it's kind of nice to think of it as breakfast all day long.
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The offering right now from sfSound Radio in Oakland has so much static that it really feels exactly like picking up something on shortwave. Love it!

> I wish there was a track listing.

Sometimes if you go to website of the actual radio station, there'll be a track listing there. It would be nice if it appeared directly on the GBR site, though. I wonder how hard that would be to do....
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