Christies is hip, I mean cool, no?
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On one hand, yeah. On the other, the trappings of punk and every other conceivable "gritty" subculture have already been coopted for decades by the elite establishment. It seems kinda weird to complain about this one specific instance.

PUNK: Chaos to Couture
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Who's complaining? Just because clueless squares have been ineptly aping "authentic" youth cultures forever doesn't make the train wreck any less spectacular or entertaining to watch.
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Fair enough!
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Visual proof that you can't buy cool.
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SAMO© as a once-a-day nutritional supplement for gritty underbellies.
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Skateboarding and AWOLNation are over.
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That was cool how he wallied over that pile of rugs.
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Hairy hipster headers Hermitage's hanging Holbein...harumph !
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Skateboarding won't really be over until the GOP starts running campaign ads featuring septagenarians rolling calmly into the sunset on four tiny polyurethane wheels.
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I wanna see someone nosebonk, and thereby shatter, a Ming vase, and then 5-0 grind an ancient Greek bronze statue of Hercules, thereby putting a huge dent and grind marks all over it. Then Christie's would be cool.
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All hail the great and powerful Oz.

this, along with James Franco at Pace, Jay Z at Pace last year, and Kim Gordon at a Schindler Test House via Gagosian (LA) pretty much sums up the state of the, ahem, art. it's all so seamless until you begin to pick at the threads, then it all unravels into its true state; money. stack up enough celebrity and bad-boy veneer and it all begins to just about seem credible. risk nothing, gain the world.

the art market is the most perfect of all; no real oversight and no way to argue value. it's the only market where investors can so actively drive prices.
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I like art and I like skateboarding but I don't have the attention span for slow-motion.
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That encapsulated so many facets of Art World awful. Thanks?
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The 2016 presidential race is heating up already!
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im just terrorifed at him breaking something about---also, if this is just about money, why is there such little good art about money these days
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This is about 99% of the argument of why I need a Go Pro. Because I. Love. Slo mo.

(I liked the video.)
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