You are going to hell. I'm a priest, you know?
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Blues, April Fools, white noise, Robocop, Noah's ark, the Pope, even pizza isn't sacred on South Africa's first satirical puppet news show, Puppet Nation. Brought to you by the ZA News Network. MYLP.
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Had to look up the Nkandla scandal.
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I like it.
Their treatment of Die Antwoord is lots of fun.
Story time with Die Antwoord and Lady Gaga gives Birth To Ninja from Die Antwoord
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Justice's range of facial expressions are amazing. It's like Spitting Image by way of Jim Henson.
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Slap*Happy, the wikipedia page says it was inspired by Splitting Image.
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This is obvious, and not a criticism. They picked up the torch, and ran a four-minute-mile with it. I was loosing my shit watching Justice's expressions slowly, expertly change. It's a clear step up and forward. I am giggling at the Progressive-Boer skewering of Die Antwoord. The clothes - ohgawd - one of those color-your-fabric-with-markers kid's craft projects, with pictures of monsters and english terms for family members, and they're not colored in - LOL. Seriously smart people are doing this.
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