Peruvian MTB Adventure
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Huayhuash: Mountain Biking in the Andes - This spectacular range is remote and forbidding. In early 2014, three friends set out on a mountain bike adventure during the rainy season, encountering jaw-dropping vistas and challenges galore. In addition to the video, the trip is chronicled in a beautiful (but potentially browser-busting) multi-media feature in Bike Magazine; also, via a photo gallery in Outside.
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The narration in the video was intolerable, and I hope they didn't erode the trails and landscape too much with their bikes.

Great pictures though.
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Spoiler: Drunk Andean points pistol in face of cyclist and fires.
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How to Make a Sick Edit. No gloves? Check.
The essence of mountain biking? Check.
Riders pushing bike up a hill? Check.
Time lapses? Check.

That being said, it made me want to take an adventure and ride, which is always welcomed. Thanks for sharing.
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bwilms- that was better than the Peruvian video!

ok, that's not fair, but it was very funny, which the Peruvian video was not. And agreed that the voice over was terrible.
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Super jealous. Would love to do something like this but after a day or two in the rain I'd be ready to bail.
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I'm glad I wasn't the only person to wince at the tracks their tires left in the mud.
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"spur of the moment decision".......

you lost me right there. And I am an avid mountain biker.

You have a sponsor and a ton of cash to go ride some old roads that no one else has ever hit on a mountain bike? AND the time to edit a crappy voiced-over video? Wow yay for you.

I am Uncle Grumpy and I approve of this comment.
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Some mountain bike movies are better than others, but I'm a sucker for just about any of them. That really goes for outdoor, adventure documentaries in general. Some of my favorites I've come across over the years were through Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Reel Rock Tour.
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