This is your brain on sheetrock.
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This is your brain on sheetrock. (From NY Times, requires log-in)
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this war on drugs will make everyone forget about Vietnam eventually, which I'm slowly thinking might be the point.
posted by tsarfan at 11:01 AM on January 16, 2002

But, uh, cocaine doesn't look anything like wallboard.

(No, I'm not talking from direct experience. But some of the props guys back in film school were really into verisimilitude.)
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$ 200,000!!!

Someone please remind me why I work for a living???
posted by lilboo at 11:57 AM on January 16, 2002

I had just finished the article when I popped over here and saw the best. link title. ever.

thanks BOP.
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So they have an informant that is making probably three times what the cops are making and noone gets suspicious. And there is something about drywall that makes it similar to both coke and meth when subjected to a field test. Just the fact that the informant was so prolific should have been a red flag. Makes the Dallas PD look really really stupid or really really criminal.
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Ook, ever see the mess those union construction guys leave behind? Looks and feels just like coke.
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You can also read the Dallas Morning News story (without log-in).

I say that the two officers on probation right now were working with the informant. There's a lot more to this story, I'm sure. This is just the beginning. Remember, we do everything bigger in Texas - even the fuck-ups.
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Yeh. I heard about that on the news when I was in texas visiting my dad. Really shocking.

I don't know if the story mentioned it or not, but two of the guys released from prison were immediatly picked up by the INS and deported. Fucking assholes.
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DMN requires a login now on a lot of stuff - I couldn't read the DMN article without a login either.
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Dink: Perhaps the new tagline for our beloved DPD should be "Dallas Police Department: We make LAPD look good!"

Add the Narcotics Division snafu with the fact we had to pay millions of dollars to those high-ranking officers our beloved chief purged for what appears to be little reason (other than a whim of some sort) and the city should be broke in no time.
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This is your brain on sheetrock.

Personally, that gets my vote for best-yet MeFi thread header. Props to you, BitterOldPunk!
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'Sheetrock Scandal' Hits Dallas Police--Cases Dropped, Officers Probed After Cocaine 'Evidence' Turns Out to Be Fake. Washington Post follow-up.
posted by Carol Anne at 7:42 AM on January 18, 2002

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