It Wasn't Shrimpy
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Oldest known sperm discovered, and it's gigantic.
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Today I learned the word "hemipenis." I now have a new joke for the Dodge truck owners in my home town who like to rev their engines and squeal their tires when pulling into traffic.
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A big big love?
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Fascinating. Thanks for posting.

Original article here for those with access privileges (even if you don't, you can still read the abstract). And here is the "gooey frog" reference for good measure. It's in PLoS one, which is open access.
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It's marvelous what they're doing with miniaturization these days!
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it's gigantic.

Also fast*.

* lol zenker organ
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The sperm was clearly wound up in knots within this weird ‘zenker’ organ, balled up like a ball of string, then literally shot at and into a female and the female catches it.
Checkmate, evolutionists.
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Add that second article to the Turing test: hemipenis, spitball, megasperm, zenker organ, bat poop. If that doesn't make you giggle like a seven-year old, you're a computer.
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I don't know what this says about my current maturity level (or ability to read or process information), but in the clicking the link I was honestly expecting to see an article about a gigantic sperm whale.

Regardless, I'm going to internalize this as a graduation of sorts for my otherwise sophomoric mind.



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Gigantic. Gigantic. A big big load.

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Reminds me of the old joke:

The fertility doctor calls his patient into the office to discuss his test results.

Doctor asks "Do you want the bad news first, or the worse news?"

Patient replies "Let's start with the bad news."

The doctor says "According to our tests, your sperm count is 1."

Shocked, the patient sputters, "Jesus, Doc, if that's the bad news, what could be worse?"

The Doctor holds up both hands in the air about a foot and a half apart and says "It's this big, and it wants out NOW!"
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The seed is strong
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