Madonna of the sailors
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Little remembered Suzy Solidor was frequently an artists model.
Some of the images are NSFW
Starting in the early 1920´s she was painted by Foujita possibly after their shared holiday in Deauville and then in 1927 by the fauvist Kees von Dongen.
In 1930 she opened her nightclub La Vie Parisienne the same year modelling in a BSDM take for Man Ray among others.
In 1933 her lover Tamara Lempicka ( previously ) painted her.
Like her friend Jean Cocteau (pictured 1938) she collaboratored during the occupation by keeping her club open and in 1940 Picabia painted her and she became known as the Madonna of the Sailors.
Here is a recording of her version of Lily Marlene and some more
She moved to Cagnes sur Mer after the war and modelled up to her death in 1983 (Marie-Pascale Deleun)
She left her portraits to the Chateau Grimaldi museum.
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Very cool lady.
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I'd seen a few of the portraits before, but hadn't known who she was.
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What a fascinating life.
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That is fascinating. Thanks for the links...
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Fascinating is a great word for Solidor. It's also very interesting to see the art grouped by subject, particularly by a subject who isn't (any longer?) famous, as compared to portraits of politicians, kings, and other state figures.
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adamvasco, you can always be counted on for fascinating art posts - thanks for another!
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Thanks mjj. Um abraco. I think I screwed up the Picabia date and it should have been around 1933 anyway Suzy had over 200 portraits painted of her. Here is a bit more about her in French and for anyone who cares amazon fr has a biography and for more portraits by Man Ray at the Pompidou put ´´Solidor´´ in the search box.
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Thanks, first time I've ever heard about her. The vid inside the links seems to be from the 80s, not the 60s. The Picabia portrait is beautiful. Thanks again !
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I don't get it. If this is the Madonna of the Sailors, I don't see anything in it that is even remotely related to Madonnas or sailors.
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The songs Charlie, the songs.
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A little bit more in French from the fr wiki which I should have checked to begin with. Enough from me. Enjoy.
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Je ne comprends pas.

I personally prefer Picabia's earlier style of portraiture.
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Oh dear back again.
In the fourties Picabia moved on from angles to curves and his paintings decorated brothels across N. Africa.
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I always thought Picabia's later work, especially his portraiture, was embarrassing and kinda ruined his legacy. But painters have needs. Still, the guy who did this in 1951 is not the same artist that did this in 1913.
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