Dr. Dre is in the news again,
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Dr. Dre is in the news again, as he is being sued by Lucasfilms for what? You guessed it, copyright infringement.
posted by Mark (12 comments total)
Poetic justice is so rich!

posted by Jeremy Bowers at 6:04 PM on April 19, 2000

HAHA! that's a shame, no, REALLY, a real shame. Looks like the old billy goat Lucas boy striked back, eh ?
posted by tiaka at 6:20 PM on April 19, 2000

hee hee, i bet Lucas is a napster fan. ;]
posted by Teknoguy at 6:39 PM on April 19, 2000

Indeed, what an idiot. Of all of the artists in this genre, why on earth would he open himself to this? Him and the members of his labels are the worst offenders. These guys rip off riffs, lyrics, bits and pieces, and have for years.

BTW, I think you can find this "Deep Sound" thing in .mp3 format from most on napster under "Themes" or "THX Sound." In case you were interested... or just wait until after Friday and find the song itself!
posted by Dean_Paxton at 6:44 PM on April 19, 2000

Lucas just doesn't like anyone misusing his-ohh-so-precious trademaks, like, the other rap group, back when, wanted to use luke skywalker in a name, I think, the details escape me. He sued and won. How do I know this? Watch REGIS, and you'll be as smart as me. And that's indeed my final answer.
posted by tiaka at 6:55 PM on April 19, 2000

Luke Skywalker was from '2 Live Crew', now he's just known as 'Luke'.
posted by Mark at 7:10 PM on April 19, 2000

Lucas just doesn't like anyone misusing his-ohh-so-precious trademaks

Note that trademarks, unlike copyrights, have to be defended or lost.

Even if it were just copyrighted, the culture of sampling is questionable at best, but taking a trademarked sound was a big mistake; Lucas is forced to act.

BTW, even as I write this, the d***ed Pepsi commercials with that infantile alien is hawking the video of Episode 1. Don't we as a nation have some sort of consitutional right not to see any more of the computer-generated bozo?
posted by Jeremy Bowers at 9:24 PM on April 19, 2000

It reminds me of the whole Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"/David Bowie & Queen "Under Pressure" bass line fiasco. Apparently, collaborating with eminem (ugh) has brought him down to the white rapper level of sampling, as opposed to the Puff Daddy/Will Smith level.

posted by isildur at 10:30 PM on April 19, 2000

will smith level? is that something to aspire to? down to eminem's level? are you kidding?
posted by palegirl at 7:18 AM on April 20, 2000

i'm not sure i understand that post. ofcourse I have yet to be down with the street, er.. something.
posted by tiaka at 9:27 AM on April 20, 2000

I was just reffering to his and Puff Daddy's ability to sample without litigation, comparing it to Vanilla Ice's (and now Dr. Dre's) failure in that area.
posted by isildur at 10:55 AM on April 20, 2000

well puff daddy asks first, thats the difference. he coughs up a lot of dough for those samples, im sure. beats being creative...
posted by Teknoguy at 4:06 PM on April 20, 2000

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