Uncertain 90's-ier then "I Wanna Be A Gabber Baby" is actually possible
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Terrorcore, for when you are listening to "I Wanna Be A Gabber Baby" and thinking "Man, I wish my 90's techno nostalgia could get just a bit 90's-ier"
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Oh man, remember DJ Tron?!
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I'm assuming you have in fact clicked the "90's" linked in OP.
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Yeah I'm into this post. Though as I've got older I've had to slow down the bouncy techno down a bit. Pretty into Headhunterz Hard With Style now.
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Just re-listened to that old Abba Gabba tune. YES YES YES
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Previously: Gabber sounds better slowed down
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Whenever I have an upstairs neighbor who makes a lot of noise and won't shut up no matter how man times we ask...

DELTA-9 does the job at making sure they get my message.

My roomies kinda hate me when I pump it up in a loud-war, but it works. Kinda. Thankfully I haven't had any asshole neighbors like that in a few years. I'm trying to make sure to keep the ones we have now. They're mostly pretty good.

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I saw "terrorcore" in the post title and knew I would see a bunch of Ron D Core links! I remember catching Omar Santana in an abandoned shopping center in Houston and Delta 9 in a barn outside of Austin around 1999-2001 or so. Lots of great memories. Thanks for this.
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Oh my god, Delta 9! I remember Delta 9, too!
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And Ron D. Core still owns a record store right here in Orange County, and has techno barbecues with a friend of mine every now and then.
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Oh gods this is awesome. Thank you!!!!
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I'd rather go hakkeh and zageh with Gabber Piet, fly along with Supergabbah, eat mussels with the Mosselman and wonder if I've ever been mellow before going to the Promised Land and if you see the stars tonight, you're good to go and remember no, no, no, no, there's no limit.
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I used to go see Ron at Funny Farm waaaay back in the day at Club Postnuclear.

One of the most insane DJ sets I've ever seen was a Ron D Core set at a makeup party for a failed Double Hit Mickey rave that had been busted and overhyped during that era of mid to late 90s LA raving where promoters started promising ridiculous shit like six or more stages, dozens of carnival rides and even billing acts before they were booked and confirmed.

To Double Hit Mickey's credit they did throw the free makeup party, but it was basically held in an ad hoc dump in the desert on the edges if Antelope Valley and it was a bit of a nightmare with burnt mattresses all over the ground and broken glass and trash and trampled barbed wire fences and so on. There was one beat-ass blown out wall of speakers, a bunch of no show DJs and one tiny-ish sound system consisting if two stacks with two bassbins and a two way top each.

Ron was scheduled to play the larger system, and he was bumped to the smaller system through either delays in scheduling or bullshit. Doesn't really matter.

What does matter is that Ron has almost always had a fanatical following throughout the years, and when he's pissed off, so are his rabid fans and you'll know it.

Ron and his fans shuffled over to the smaller sound system, literally scaring off the normally unflappable jungle and DnB heads even before he dropped the needle on his first record and he proceeds to drop what may have been the most brutal, angry speedcore/terrorcore set in the galactic history of raving.

This was during the "gabberstick" fad and phase where gabber fans went around in a lot of neon clothes like an early version if cyber goth fashion, and those foam pool toy "noodles" which they would use to basically whack on each other and the speakers and anything else in time with 150-180 BPM nightmare murder techno like some kind of feral tribal wardance escaped from a dark side of Sesame Street or Gabba Gabba Hey.

During the first song people swarmed and climbed all over the small speaker stacks, and then the collective group of speaker huggers picked up both stacks and shook them in time with the beat for the rest of his set, complete with the dozen-odd people still sitting and climbing on the stacks like some kind of barely controlled dance riot with lots of shouting and foam-noodle whacking.

It was glorious and highly dynamic and an interesting display of how aggressive and unsafe people could be without actually hurting each other or the speakers. The speakers and mob on top of them didn't touch the ground again until Ron was finished.

At the end of Ron's set I remember there was a bit of a break before the next DJ and a lot of loud screaming and cheering and a bit of fearful awe like "ok, what the fuck was that!?"

I still haven't ever seen anything like that before or since.
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Terrorcore: Not nearly as Metal as it sounds.
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Heh, yeah when finding various links I realized that I couldn't even think of the individual composers most of the time. Just that it was somewhere on Ron D Core curated compilation X.

Also, rather stupidly I forgot to include my all time favorite hardcore-oriented track (NSFW audio). Probably because it's a bit too slow and melodic to technically be considered Terrorcore and I was trying to limit the linked tracks to that extreme end of the Gabber spectrum. When I was a teenage metalhead-cum-raver and started DJ'ing in a warehouse space me and friends rented out to turn into a danceclub I always got dirty looks from the midtempo house loving kids who were our bread and butter when I entered the 200+ bpm Terrorcore portion of my sets.

Funny to think there was a time when you could find Ron D Core and other Gabber/Speedcore/Terrorcore DJ's mixed releases at Fred Meyer.
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Just when I put my Q Ambient wear jeans and Drop Bass Network history back in the closet...
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That Shaftmen track is incredible. I miss my Industrial Strength slipmats, sigh.
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Terrorcore is OK and all that, but it'd be better if you put a banging donk on it.
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Remember the battle between happy hardcore and terror core? Fuck happy!
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