What happens when Toronto street signs are taken over by Indy bands.
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What happens when Toronto street signs taken over by Indy bands. Interesting to see the placement of signs, and the types you remember as being iconic in Toronto, and also how many signs I can actually remember, or identify considering the names have been changed.
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Points added for production values! Points deducted for disappearing into a recursive vortex of indie-band/Toronto schlock self-parody.
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The Pizza Pizza sign was just not right. It's one of those signs that is etched in my brain from my high school/university days and is probably the same for anyone who grew up in Ontario. The pizza is not even particularly good, but every time I go back there I have it at least once.

Also that may or may not be the same location you see briefly at the end of Resident Evil (in reverse for some reason). I saw that for the first time in Japan and the orange and white tiles gave me the same sort of homesick feeling.
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One of the more amusing moments from my recent trip to Belgrade involved stumbling across Pizza Pizza, which, according to their website, appears to be superior to the original.
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the other day in san francisco, someone hacked into a roadside electronic display, and motorists were treated to...

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Actually, the Godzilla people managed a pretty good piece of street promotion in TO the other day.
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It'd be nice to see St. James Cathedral relabelled Holy Fuck.
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Actually, the Godzilla people managed a pretty good piece of street promotion in TO the other day.

I saw this myself last week, although to be honest I had not noticed the vehicles on the roof of the building.

From the write-up: An impressive guerrilla marketing stunt for “Godzilla” is giving Toronto an up-close look at how a giant monster attack might affect the city.

I am pleased to see the use of the conditional mood there (really, it calls for the subjunctive, but what are ya gonna do?) I am finding ever more frequently that writers and editors do not care about the distinction between might and may -- a news site article I read two weeks ago about a traffic fatality mentioned the now-deceased driver was wearing her seatbelt shoulder strap behind her back instead of across her torso and went on to say that had she been wearing it properly, 'there's a "chance" she may still be alive.' That is not what the writer meant, I think.
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'there's a "chance" she may still be alive.'

If she had been driving Schrödinger's Car, we may not have known the answer until the door was ajar.

And what did you bring that book I didn't want to be read to from for?
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I loved this video. I want so badly to be an NXNE proponent, but it has not always been easy because the material just hasn't been there in years past. It is especially distressing to talk about NXNE and hear people respond, "there's a NORTH by north east!?" There sure is, and it's going on its 20th year...

I think this promo hits all the important points: iconic Toronto scenes, promotion for artists and the festival, and even some technical chops that made the visual effects convincing.

The main problem with the video is that it's been seen by only 12,000 people.
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