Illustration Is Story-Telling
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Longtime veteran courtroom sketch artist Gary Myrick gives us a look inside his profession.
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The video is the fourth box down from the top. Apologies in advance for the annoying instant pop-up message.
posted by gman at 6:24 PM on May 22, 2014

Can't watch the video at the moment, but my immediate question was... this Gary Myrick?
posted by litlnemo at 6:26 PM on May 22, 2014

Direct Vimeo link.
posted by Phire at 7:58 PM on May 22, 2014

Not the same guy, apparently, but both are from Texas and the musical Gary Myrick also does visual art. Interesting.
posted by litlnemo at 2:57 AM on May 23, 2014

I misread that as "Longtime vegetarian courtroom sketch artist."

And I was so damn curious!
posted by cropshy at 9:36 AM on May 23, 2014

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