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O Human Star, an ongoing webcomic by Blue Delliquanti, is a near-future science fiction family drama about robots, relationships, identity and finding a place for oneself in the world.

O Human Star opens as famous roboticist awakens in a synthetic body sixteen years after his death. In addition to the mysterious and unsettling circumstances under which he's returned to the world, he's disturbed to find that his former partner now has a teenaged daughter: a transgender robot version of himself, the result of a failed attempt to recreate him shortly after his death.

Blue has explored the lives and histories of her core cast of characters and their city of synthetic politics since January of 2012, posting 200 pages of comics online so far. In October of 2012, O Human Star was awarded the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.

Blue's work has appeared in The Sleep of Reason, Smut Peddler and Womanthology. You can read many of her other comics online, including a nonfiction collaboration about the conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan.
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Other than a few early Xmen and the Far Side I was never deeply into comics. But one of the greatest things about the Internet looks to be a true renaissance of the comic art. The incredible quirky depth of the artists producing on the web is just astounding.
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This looks good thanks. A question: how do you organize your webcomic reading? I use bookmarks, but it's a pain to have to remember to add new bookmarks and delete old ones as I progress in a WC's archives.
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I use comic RSS feeds and Feedly as my reader.
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I honestly just go to the websites directly about 90% of the time!

A few of them I follow on Tumblr, where creators post updates; a few I support on Patreon, where new pages are frequently emailed to patrons early; a few are people I know/follow on Twitter.

But mostly I just type in the URLs because I'm an internet dinosaur.
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I love O Human Star! It's so beautiful and painful and lovely.

For browsing, I have a folder in my bookmarks bar labelled "comics!" which contains links to the homepages of my favourites (the page with the current page.) In addition to OHS and the obvious ones like Girl Genius and xkcd, I'm really liking Widdershins, Al'Rashad, Dicebox, Nimona and Prague Race.
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I haven't used it in a few years, but I found that Archive Binge paired with an RSS reader was a great way to avoid manually managing book marks.
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OMG, GarrettEh, thank you for cluing me in to Archive Binge.
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O Human Star! is a great example of monochromatic color design done right (especially when it changes color for the flashbacks).

I have my own installation of TinyTinyRSS at my hosting account where I have feeds from dozens of webcomics (mostly the ones that put the full comic in the RSS... especially good for catching the rare updates to Dresden Codak), and I use Comic Rocket to keep me up to date on a bunch more.

I have so many more comics I could add to Pallas Athena's excellent list of "you might also like"s, but if Google is penalizing MeFi for too many outgoing links, I'd totally screw the pooch if I did. Maybe a couple: Stand Still, Stay Silent (the slowly developing new tale from the creator of A Redtail's Dream), and Decripting Rita from MeFi's Own Egypt Urnash.
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O Human Star is so great, I love it :)
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This is really good, thanks for posting it!
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Sooooo now that the thread's been up for a while, confession?

I made my first attempt at reading this comic about six or so months ago, maybe even a little longer. I got a few pages in and then got distracted for whatever reason.

When I sat down and read through the archives last week, I was ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS at my past self for not having just kept with the damn comic the first time.

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