“To Harold. For The Ashes. From a Grateful Skipper.”
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Jardine told me to stand at short cover-point and just stare at Bradman Charming interview with Harold Larwood, a name synonymous with life-threatening fast bowling, from 1993. Ey oop!
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Great stuff, read all of Harold in his "still ripely Nottingham accent".
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"Well bowled, Harold."
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I enjoy the fact that although this appears to be written in a language I understand, I don't understand any of it.
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Nice story well told, but would you explain some of the jargon? What is this 'bodyline' they go on about? What's the controversy? What did he do wrong?
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Ashes in the Mouth by Ronald Mason is a book on Larwood and the infamous bodyline tour. I know virtually nothing about cricket, but I found it interesting reading.
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You could include the article linked by MMDP in the main post. It really explains the controversy simply and clearly for people (like me) who don't know cricket.
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